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Do robins migrate south in the winter?

Do robins go south and come back in the spring? Try to find out where robins go in winter and why you don’t see robins around your house.

What and when do robin birds migrate?

I learned a lot about springtime, and understood about robins. There are so many people talking and listening to them that spring is indeed when the robins return to their nests. Do American robins migrate?

 The short answer is ‘no’. They change their normal behavior during winter, so we don’t notice them as much.

when do robins migrate south

isn’t robin bird migrate south

Does the robin fly south for the winter?

Do robins migrate?

An American Robin singing in a snowy tree in early March. You may be surprised to hear that robins never fly south for the winter. American robins live in 48 US states. They may make small migratory movements in search of food.

Where do robins go in the winter?

American robins spend winter foraging in trees.

If you don’t see robins around your house during the winter, don’t assume they’re gone.

During the winter months, robins come together in large flocks, even hundreds of thousands of birds. They usually fly in flocks in search of various fruits. When they find it, whole flocks of robins will descend and often in one afternoon will pluck every berry that comes out of the large trees and bushes.

So, if you want to attract robins this winter, plan to plant a variety of fruit trees and add shrubs to your garden now. This way, by next winter you will have a flock of these fun and friendly robin birds roaming around your garden. You will also hear their songs.

Examples of some berry bushes are,

Good choices include: American holly (Ilex opaca), cranberry viburnum (Viburnum trilobum), eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana), and winterberry (Ilex verticillata). A search at your local plant nursery will tell you which berry bushes will work best for your garden.

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