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What is the difference in size of Hummingbird?

American robin vs European robin, know all the differences we see between them. If you know them, you can easily distinguish between them.  Basically, European robins are about 5 1/2 inches long, while the American robins are around 8 inches to 11 inches long. 

American Robin vs European Robin.

The European Robin and the American Robin are separated by an ocean but share the same name.

Learn about American and European Robins:

  • These two birds share the same species name and the same coloration. They live on different sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Differences between these two species of robins:

North American robin 

North American robin 

North American robin

Signs of the American Robin male vs female:

Both male robins and female robins have a bright orange breast. Garo plays on the head and back. However, female robins are often duller in color.

Learn about american & european robin nests and eggs:


They live across parts of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. They can be found in all these places if you look for them, but they are less common in winter.

What do American robins eat?

American robins of this species prefer insects, berries and earthworms. They do not eat seeds. Here’s how to attract robins to your yard and garden.

The family

American robins are members of the thrush family which makes them beautiful and melodious singers.

Have you ever heard the song of the robin bird?

American robins usually join large flocks of other robins in the winter and fall.

What does a European robin look like?

The European Robin

European Robin Bird


Male and female European robins look similar with an orange face and chest. Sometimes outlined with a gray border and the head and back are olive brown.


European robins are found throughout Europe and western Asia and locally in North Africa. Learn about Western Robins and their Eastern counterparts.

What do European robins eat?

These species of birds eat mostly insects but also enjoy berries.

The family

The European Robin is a member of the Old World Flycatcher family.

Behavior of European Robins:

It is known to be more solitary and quiet in all seasons than the American robin.

Are American Robins quite different from robins in Europe?

Generally, American robins are very thrushes. While a European robins are old types and world flycatchers that look gorgeous. American robins birds group of songbirds has stocky builds and a very large eyes. On the other side, a group of songbirds which is specialize and they are adapted for catching the insects in flight.

What is the difference between American robin and red robin?

As, the breasts of European robins bird have only the familiar or relative orange color at the top of the body, in comparison if we talk to our American robin birds that have generally a fully orange breasts on that. However, A European robin’s have a lower breast has a creamy with a or color. On the other side their backs and wings colors are brown.

Are European robins rare?

If we talk about the european birds rare then we have to consider the point that, The European robin bird has an extensive range of flying to far away and a population of numbering of robini bird has a hundreds of millions.

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