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    • This recipe is very simple and doesn’t add any extra toxic ingredients, as I know it’s not good for little birds. Never use honey and other ingredients that birds cannot digest while making such food.
    • When preparing this recipe, avoid any ingredients harmful to birds. Do not use honey or similar foods, as birds cannot digest them. Use safe and healthy ingredients instead.
    • If you have an ant problem, you can put some repellent in the feeder to keep the birds away from the ants. But make sure they are not harmful to birds. These recipes are safe for birds and easy to make.
homemade hummingbird food recipes recipe

Hummingbird food recipes recipe

Table of Contents


    • Boil the water.
    • Remove it from the heat and add sugar.
    • Stir well to dissolve the sugar.
    • Then let the mixture cool.


      • 4 cups filtered water
      • 1 cup regular white sugar (use organic if possible).
      • Change the food every three to five days to keep it fresh.
      • Never use food coloring. Check the bird feeder often. Check each time you change the food for gray mold or ants inside getting sugar water.
      • Discard tainted food to protect birds from harm and Ensure avian health. Use hot water to clean hummingbird feeders.
      • To clean the inside of the feeder, add bleach to some water and use a bottle brush.
      • Rinse it well and let it dry. Fill it with new food and hang it outside. Birds will feel loved by your caring activities.


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