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This is a very simple recipe for making Hummingbird Food: Ratio 3:1. I don’t add any extra toxic food to it because I know it can’t be good for the little birds. Never use honey and such foods in making such hummingbird food, it is better to avoid things that birds cannot digest. Also if you have a problem with ants i.e. to keep the birds away from ants you can put in the feeders which have preventive foods which do not harm the insects.

Best Recipe for Hummingbird Food Ratio
Hummingbird Food Ratio

Table of Contents


    • Boil the water properly.
    • Remove the water from the flame and add sugar.
    • Stir it to dissolve the sugar completely.
    • Now let this nectar cool down.
    • Place the food in a clean hummingbird feeder and hang it outside for the birds.

Material of Hummingbird Food Ratio

Unit: Us

    1. 4 cups filtered white water
    2. 1 cup regular white sugar (can use organic if possible)
    3. Note: You can change the food with a new batch at least every three to five days to keep it fresh. Caution:- Do not use food color in any way.
    4. Check the hummingbird feeder regularly now and every time you change the food look for gray breath or any ants inside to get the sugar water.
    5. In the meantime, if you see any ant staying inside, throw away the food. These foods may cause harm if consumed. The birds won’t drink it.
    6. Use hot water to clean the hummingbird. To clean the inside of the feeder, you can put some bleach powder with pen water. Use a bottle brush as an inside brush.
    7. After cleaning with warm water, rinse well with water and let it dry.
    8. Now fill the feeder with new food and space outside.
    9. This bird will feel the love of your beautiful activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hummingbird food 3 to 1 or 4 to 1?

Simple mixer of 4 parts water and white sugar around 1 part which is the best food for hummingbirds.

Why do you have to boil sugar water for hummingbirds?

Boiling water can help in slow fermentation of nectar hummingbird feeders. It is not necessary to boil the nectar once the sugar which has been dissolved. If you want to add extra sugar the no boiling needed for the feed.

How long can sugar water sit out for hummingbirds?

When we asked How often should Hummingbird Feeder Nectar be changed? then we have to say that if the weather is cool, 60 degrees then leaving the nectar for 2 or 3 days is okay. Added that, on a 90 + day the possibility could spoil the requirement to change the nectar after that day or one day.

Can you make sugar water too strong for hummingbirds?

When it’s very hot or dry weather and hummingbird feels dehydration, it’s best time to make your mixture that can make a quarter cup of sugar per cup of water. But, when it’s very cold season, rainy spells, then making the mixture a bit stronger. That’s time we have to add up to about a third cup of sugar per cup of water, this will not hurt your hummingbirds and may help them.

Can I use tap water?

Yes definitely! You can use tap water to make your hummingbirds food or nectar.

What kind of sugar can I use?

Try to use refined white sugar. Don’t use corn syrup or raw, unprocessed sugars, honey that can be a bad effect on hummingbird. Powdered sugar can contains additional ingredient be aware.

What does 1 part sugar and 4 parts water mean?

Calculate 1 part sugar and 4 parts water for your recipe.

1 x (chosen “one part” measurement) = total sugar

4 x (chosen “one part” measurement) = total water

1 x 2 cups = 2 cups sugar

4 x 2 cups = 8 cups water

If you want to make a smaller batch of sugar water, you have to decide that for your recipe 1 part = ½ cup.

1 x ½ cup = ½ cup sugar

4 x ½ cup = 2 cups water

Why shouldn’t I add red dye to my sugar water recipe?

Red dye or coloring can attract hummingbirds and but could be harmful to the birds. And it’s not necessary.

Where should I set up my feeder?

Ensure that your feeder in the shade away from windows. If possible then place your feeder near any trees. Hummingbirds like to perch in nearby of any trees to chase away intruders at their feeding the area.

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