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How to Identify American Robins

What color is a robin

american robin color

Many people think of the American robin’s bright red breast as a sign of spring. Learn what robins look like and where to find them.

What does an American Robin look like?

Augie venusia American robin perched on a tree In the spring, look for pairs of robins roaming your lawn.

Both male and female American robins are gray-brown with orange breasts, but male robins usually have darker heads. In the eastern United States, robins have white spots on the outer corners of their tails when they fly.

  • Wingspan: 17 inches
  • Length: 10 inches
  • Distinctive markings: Male has a black head and tail, yellow bill, white around eyes and throat, and orange breast of male.
  • Scientific Name: Migratory Thrush
  • Family: Thrush

Enjoy pictures of cheerful robins welcoming spring.

American Robin Nest and Eggs

American Robin Nest and Eggs

American Robin Nest and Eggs

The robin lays three to four blue robin’s eggs in a clean deep trough made of mud and grass in a nest. Fun fact: Tiffany & co. Robin’s egg blue has become an iconic color for its family jewelry box. Its trademark, Custom Pantone Shade No. 1837, was the same year the company was founded.

Bird Song

Listen to the song of the American Robin. Their loud liquid songs sound like cheers, cheers, cheers. Wake up early to hear the song of the robin bird.


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