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American robins wake up early in the morning for breakfast – but how do robins find insects on the ground? is the major questions. We spoke to experts to find out.

American Robins find worms in the Ground?

American Robin find worms in the Ground

Few birds are as closely related to earthworms as the American robin.

Backyard earthworms can be seen roaming among these red-breasted grasses. From the ground, they throw up different animals. But how does the robin find the worm? Does the answer make you think of Egypt specifically? Robins usually use more of their senses to hunt for worms. Robins have stronger senses than other birds.

How do robins find insects?

A robin is pulling a worm out of the ground

How do american robins find worms? is the major question but we got the answer. Dr. Bird Academy Senior Course Developer and Instructor at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Kevin J. McGowan talks about the robin bird, noting that the consensus on the subject has changed somewhat over time. “When I was a kid, we were told they were listening,” she says, “or they were turning their heads, so you could tell they were listening.” Kevin points out the flaw in that theory: “The problem is that insects don’t make much noise, and the bird’s eyes are on the side of its head.”

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So, Kevin explained, head-tilting motions aren’t necessarily evidence that a robin is hearing sounds for an insect. “What it’s doing is it’s getting a very good look with one eye and then it often turns its head and goes to the other eye. They’re mostly visual predators, so they’re trying to see things.”
He says the robin stops, looks around, stops, looks again and then dives forward to get something. He calls robins an “ambush hunter,” since they quickly sweep away debris with their beaks to unsuspectingly capture prey.

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What other senses do robins use?

  • How do the American robins find worms?

Many say that robins use many senses to American Robins find worms; They do not rely only on their eyesight.

Kevin pointed out that robins can hear sounds to catch their insects. “If something makes noise, I’m sure they’ll hear it,” he says. “But they’re not set up to be fully-heard hunters like owls.”

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Ornithologist Kevin also says that robins can use others’ sense of touch. “When they’re moving things, they can also feel things very well. When they swipe their bills through the base layer or dirt to uncover invertebrates, they can also feel things. So that’s another sense they might be engaging in.”


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