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When we talk about the American robin bird eggs then the question makes a sense that robin which bird lays blue eggs and what makes the eggs blue and green spot color. Just as the robin bird is beautiful, so are its eggs. Robin birds have a light green color mixed with the blue color of the eggs. It’s incredible the types of colors that come from nature. It makes people more attractive. Are there things in Robin’s days that make such colors come alive?

Robin which bird lays blue eggs

Robin bird lays blue eggs

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Robin which bird lays blue eggs in Nest 

What makes robin eggs blue biologically

Robins get their colors when their mothers pass through their internal tubes called oviducts. Robins have a special type of gland called a pigment gland that deposits dye in these eggs, giving the day an attractive shade of blue. But why keep so many colors blue? After all, some eggs blend with the environment, resulting in the color of the hatched eggs sometimes disguising the color of the soil. Such as brown or gray colored eggs of birds when nesting on the ground.

From such experience it is understood that robin birds can color eggs for their protection! Even such birds protect the white eggs because they are easier to hide from predators in places like burrows. But what about the blue egg? An ornithologist, ie a biologist, suggests that a blue egg can be laid beautifully in the dark under any nest, especially when the nest is partially covered with green so-and-so.

But the truth is that I can never quite figure out why robins are blue. It is true that blue colored robin eggs are particularly helpful in identification. Moreover, we usually see some birds that lay eggs in its house. It is very important for robin mother birds to protect their eggs from predators. It is thought that the attractive blue color of robin eggs helps mother robins to locate and identify the eggs without suspicion.

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