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About Us!

BirdzFly is America’s #1 bird and environment online magazine featuring a variety of birds, flowers, and the environment. We have created this online magazine with expert advice and personal stories from our readers. We show you how to keep your environment beautiful and maintain order through our online application. We try to highlight the characteristics of birds like hummingbirds, robins, ravens, etc. through this online magazine. Through U Set different types of people can participate in research work along with their questions.

  • Below is a list of things that at least do with me:
  • Making different birdhouses
  • Gardening for butterflies
  • Growing vegetables
  • Low-cost bird feeding system
  • Readers’ story of natural experience
  • Bird research
  • Bird analysis

Our Story

BirdzFly started its online journey in 2024. We have worked with different birds. Wondering if you want to see birds around your home, you need to create an environment for them. When a garden is ready, birds flock around it. They research different birds and show their diversity to people. We get people’s feelings through email. Our email address is

We have taken several steps to expand our website. So if there is anything you like or dislike, share it with us.

To know more about us, contact us directly. Thank you. Have a great day!